My Story

My career in PR began at a top PR agency working with entrepreneurs, health coaches, nutritionists, and even the NFL (seriously, how fun, right?). I was responsible for securing 35 placements per week for clients (yep, you read that right!). What I learned was that I thrive on a results driven environment, and that results are 100% attainable when you work hard. My job at the PR Firm was a dream job in some ways – I got to work with amazing clients, really honed my pitching skills, and learned a lot along the way. What was missing from my life was the ability to take time off when I wanted to, flexibility to travel, and my desire to be more involved in philanthropy. In my heart and soul I knew I was made to do much more, so I made a really big decision. I took a big leap and moved back home with my mom to pursue my true calling in life – to create a PR community to help my fellow entrepreneurs, and that’s when Heather DeSantis Public Relations was born! I got a part time job in the fitness industry (another big passion of mine) and set out to partner with my tribe and take them to the top! Now I get to work with amazing clients, helping them grow their businesses, and get paid in the process. Seriously, pinch me!!! My expertise combined with my drive for results means that my clients enjoy Guaranteed Results. I am seriously so excited when it comes to getting press for my clients because I know the effect that well placed press can have on your business (Hint: It’s huge!) While my time at the PR Firm helped me figure out that I wanted to have my own PR agency, my entrepreneurial spirit began at a much younger age. My dad and my uncle were making it big in real estate, and they were the first to introduce me to the world of business ownership. I loved seeing the dedication they both had to their work, and the drive that ultimately led to their mega success. I knew it was something I was destined to have in life. Another thing that I attribute to my success is the fact that I was adopted when I was 3 days old. I really believe that my parents created in me a desire to be part of something greater than myself through their demonstration of love for me. I’ve always been someone with a drive to work hard and go after my dreams. For instance, when I was in college I worked with at risk teen girls and helped them have better futures. I also persuaded the CEO of Livestrong to speak at my college graduation (how’s that for persistence?) I began my first LLC in 2012 called Romp Away, and while it was super fun (I bought clothes from a local thrift store and upcycled them into rompers and headbands – so cute!!!) I realized it wasn’t going to be profitable, but at this point I was completely sold on being my own boss. I ended up getting involved with network marketing through Beachbody, a decision that solidified my love for the health and wellness industries. I am currently attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and I adore working with food brands and health and wellness companies. (Something that my 3 years as a Food Publicist uniquely positioned me for!)
In 2016 I began my own PR agency and started working with dream clients (like you!) to help them get their story out and make a difference in their industries. I mobilize entrepreneurs, authors and charities who are on a mission to share their story with the world who struggle with visibility so that they gain credibility, increase followers and be seen as a nationally known expert. So, just what is PR? You might be asking, just what exactly is Public Relations (street name: PR)? PR is the act of getting media attention to your business by getting you featured on local news, national media, podcasts, radio, and print newspapers. There’s a lot that goes into PR, and when you choose to work with me, you can focus on your story and leave the pitching to me! When it comes to PR I like to think of myself as more than just someone pitching your brand to the media. I’m your Ambassador and your brand evangelist! Seriously, I’ll sing your praises from every rooftop and make sure the media knows not only that you exist, but that you are the best person to tell the story that only you can tell. When you work with me, I can do it all: from writing the pitch content, to contacting the media, to follow up. It’s full service PR with a very personalized approach. My passion is broadcast media TV and Radio due to the emotions and physical touch that viewers can get from seeing you BUT I love national media too.
I seriously love PR because it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your business in today’s content rich world. With so many people angling to be heard in the world of advertising, getting press for your business means you will get a featured spot on a news show or radio program so you can begin connecting with your perfect match audiences. I love, love, love getting my clients features. I can’t even begin to explain the high I feel when I know that a client will be on a news program or radio show. So, what would life look like if we worked together? We’d start with a discovery call to find out who your dream media partners would be. You know, the shows you lay in bed at night imagining you have the opportunity to be on. Then, we get to work on the strategy piece of the puzzle and I will help you figure out your unique story and how you’re positioned in the market. We will discover what you’re excellent at discussing and once we have the strategy worked out I will get to work pitching you to the media – yay! When we work together I combine the strategy behind getting you press with actually getting you out there. Within 1 month of working together you will see results. Guaranteed! You don’t have to take my word for it though, here’s some facts from some of my lovely clients:

Snowe Saxman

Snowe helps female entrepreneurs with God-inspired financial and business strategies. Thanks to a TV segment I booked for her at tax time she was able to secure $4K in new clients!

Dan Henry

Dan Henry is a Facebook Ads specialist with an amazing story. He went from Pizza boy to successful online marketer, and thanks in part to PR, he was able to secure $13K in registrations for his new Facebook Ads course.

Matcha Tea

Our first month working together we secured reviews of Lively Matcha in Clean Eating Magazine, Taste of Home, The Huffington Post, and Yoga Digest. And that’s just our first month!